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Travelling Clears Your Habit Slate

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

I like travelling because it gives you a clean slate to work with.

You are in a different place, sleeping in a different bed, eating different food, seeing different things and people.

So much of your habits relies on your routine. You are in the same place so you do the same things. Think about what you eat and do at home. Or at work. So much of that goes out the window when you’re in a totally different place.

Think about when you go on vacation and how much of your routine is the same as home? Not much.

You might think that’s because it’s a holiday, it’s supposed to be different. It doesn’t have to be. You could do everything you do at home when you’re out on vacation. But you don’t.

The reason it’s easier to do new things on vacation is because it’s a different place, it’s easy to do new things. You have no habits and routines set up yet.

Have you ever gone on vacation to the same place twice? Did you do some of the things the same as you did the first time? Already, the routines and habits are starting to get set up. It’s much easier to kick yourself out of those routines when in a completely new place but they are still there.

So what do you do when you have no routines or habits to get stuck in?


Feel free to set up your life exactly how you want to.

Always wanted to meditate in the morning before the day gets crazy? Do it.

Always wanted to spend the morning exercising and then writing? Do it.Always wanted to making things for the morning and then exploring in the afternoon?

Do it.

You can.

You can do anything when you travel because there are no rules about what you have to do. There are no habits pushing you back into old routines. You get to create from scratch.

So go create.

You can do anything you want.