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Superhero Challenge: Lesson 1 – Sleep and Journaling are Non-Negotiables

These last couple weeks have been a bit of a blur. I’m up to my eyeballs in the Superhero Challenge.Things are going well with it and I’m hitting my goal measurements pretty much every day. I had no idea what my scores were going to be like after things got rolling. Obviously I hoped to blast right through and not even have an issue with any of it but some of the numbers have been challenging to get each day. 2 things popped out right away as the foundation of this challenge. Without them, I’m completely lost.Good SleepNo sleep = no challenge. Simple as that. Without good sleep every night, I feel useless. I feel scattered, have no patience, and haven’t got much willpower. If I could sleep in late I’d be fine but I get up at 5 on weekdays. Just getting up at 5 without adequate sleep is an epic task. Trying to do a bunch of writing and a workout just after 5 in the morning without adequate sleep is hopeless.I’m focusing much more on sleep than I was before. I knew it was important but thought it could slide a bit without much harm. I was wrong.JournalingKeeping my journal in front of me throughout the day has been the only reason I’ve remembered to do some of the things on my list. The CrossFit Challenge with 2014 dips, pushups and pullups is proving to be one of the toughest things. I can’t do 70 pushups at once right now so I have to break them up. That means 10 or 15 at a time. Doing 10 pushups is easy. Remembering to do 7 sets of 10 over the course of the day when there’s already lots to do is much harder.Focusing on my checklist in my journal has been the only reason I’ve gotten as far as I have. I’ve still missed things here and there, inevitably when I haven’t looked at my journal for a while.Till next update…CommentsHow do you find sleep affects your big goals?