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Google Nest Hub Max Guide

The Nest Hub Max is smart home speaker from Google with a 10″ touch display and Google Assistant built in. It’s the perfect blend of smart home assistant, touch screen controls and solid speakers.


  • 10″ touch screen
  • Google Assistant built in
  • 6.5 megapixel camera
  • Stereo speakers with 3″ woofer
  • Ambient EQ light sensor
  • Chalk and Charcoal colours
  • Wi-fi and bluetooth
  • Photo frame
  • Built in Nest Cam
  • Face Match

10″ Touch Screen

The 10″ touch screen on the is certainly the focal point on the Hub Max. With “Hey Google” you can interact with any of the controls and start or stop streaming. The touch screen gives you quick controls to adjust volume, dismiss reminders or timers and use the other touch controls.

It’s not a full computer with keyboard to pull up Google and search for anything but with the voice controls you can search for anything.

Casting Music and Video

It’s easy to cast any music or video to the Hub Max. Watching YouTube, Netflix or Disney Plus is easy and comes up fast. If you cast the video to your TV the Max becomes the controls for what’s playing on the TV.

Music can easily cast from Spotify, YouTube Music and other sources by just asking the Max to play a song, playlist or album.

To cast video to the Hub Max say “Hey Google, play Loki.”

To cast video to your TV that is Chromecast-enabled, say, “Hey Google, play Loki on the TV.”

To stop casting, say, “Hey Google, stop casting.”

Cast Music to Multiple Speakers with Groups

If you have other Google speakers around the house, you can group them and cast all at once. I love this feature for music. The broadcast feature also sends messages to all the speakers.


With it’s solid speakers, excellent 10″ touch screen and 6.5 megapixal camera, the Google Nest Hub Max is the best smart home control centre with assistant that’s out right now.