Google Nest Hub Max Guide

The Nest Hub Max is smart home speaker from Google with a 10″ touch display and Google Assistant built in. It’s the perfect blend of smart home assistant, touch screen controls and solid speakers. Features 10″ touch screen Google Assistant built in 6.5 megapixel camera Stereo speakers with 3″ woofer Ambient EQ light sensor Chalk … Read more

New Direction, New Name: Tech Trails

This site has had many different faces and names. It originally was, a place to learn how to build a website and aggregate all my social feeds. Then it became a travel journal as I made my way around Australia, New Zealand, France and Canada. I thought the old name rcThink was a bit … Read more

Surf Expo in Orlando

I was busily planning all the festivities for my birthday near the end of January this year and got an email.”Can you go to Florida to cover Surf Expo?”Yup.Big thanks to everyone that made the last minute trip possible. I’m still finding out new things about the products that were at the show.Want to see … Read more

Your gear means nothing if you forget this part

In his latest post, Jonathan Fields talks about you and your gear.Read it here: Your gear is not what makes you special. Your gear is not what makes you able to do what you do. Sure there are times when a little function on a camera lets you do something special or those skis … Read more

Challenge Complete: 2 weeks of blogging every day

…and in last place. by ….Tim I talk about challenges a lot. I do them regularly. I like how they’re short, hard, and full of variety. You can experience something without doing it forever. They’re easy to start because they don’t last that long. My only problem is stacking them on top of one another. … Read more


Photo by tpsdave Overwhelm happens to the best of us. In this hyper-connected world these days, there’s so much going on. There’s so much information coming in and we know, to the second, what every single person we know is doing, what they’re buying and where they are going. It’s hard not to get competitive … Read more