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Your gear means nothing if you forget this part

In his latest post, Jonathan Fields talks about you and your gear.Read it here:

Your gear is not what makes you special. Your gear is not what makes you able to do what you do. Sure there are times when a little function on a camera lets you do something special or those skis you are wearing let you get out onto the snow.

When it comes down to it though a pro with an iPhone is going to blow me out of the water with photography no matter what camera I have. I could be using some $60,000 piece of equipment but if I don’t know how to use it well then it’s useless.

Same with biking. Pros can take a bunch of Walmart bikes and rip the trails harder than I ever could. That’s because they’re pros. They have the skills and experience to do that.

The important part is the skills and experience. And that’s what you get with learning new things and working on something day in and day out. You don’t get it at a store. You can’t just got out one afternoon and buy a bunch of skills and experience and be pro the next morning. It doesn’t work like that. For anything. Time and effort wins the game. Every day if you can.

Little bits every day are the best way to get better at anything. Lots of little bits. Lots of time and effort. Fancy gear is nice, but it’s only going to get you so far. You are the weakest link. Upgrade you and you’ll be better forever.