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Slow and Steady

Sometimes I catch myself rushing through things. Rushing through work. Rushing through plans with friends. Rushing through working out. Rushing through talking.Why?Why am I rushing? Where am I rushing to get to? Why am I trying to hurry through what I’m doing?I’m not sure.It takes a lot to even realize I’m rushing. My muscles are tight. I’m focused intently on what I’m doing. Yes, it gets my current task done faster but why does it need to be done faster? And how much does the quality suffer when I rush? How much does my stress level increase when I rush?Rushing isn’t sustainable. It’s not slow and steady. It’s a spring. It increases stress. It decreases quality.I’m trying to slow down more now. Smell the flowers a bit. Enjoy the scenery.The downside is that I feel like I have less time to do things. The benefit to that is that I only have time to do important things.