Boost Your Productivity: Empty Your Feed Reader

Do you really read every single one of your feeds? Do you read every post? Do you even read half?I don’t. I didn’t. I never have.Sometimes I didn’t read any of them. I use Google Reader. Sometimes there would be hundreds of posts waiting to be read and I’d click Mark All As Read.Why?I didn’t have time. I didn’t feel like wading through all the mediocre feeds that I had subscribed too. Not to say that everything I was subscribed to was bad or just decent. Some of it was amazing. But I unsubscribed to all of it.I didn’t keep anything. Didn’t even look at what I was unsubscribing too. Fortunately Google Reader has an Unsubscribe from all button. It makes the task much easier.And I can’t back out. They’re gone.But! There is always a but. I know I will find the good ones again. The best ones I know off the top of my head. I constantly think of their best posts and they have affected my life in a positive way. Those ones are easy to find again.The ones I read for something to do? I won’t find those again because I don’t remember them.This time I won’t be making any folders to hide the huge lists. That little number that says I have 500 posts to read stresses me out. If it doesn’t fit in the one list, something has to go.I’ve compiled a short list of blogs that I will definitely keep reading on a regular basis. The sites I visit randomly through Twitter and Facebook is much larger but these are my favorites.Thrilling HeroicsPluginIDLocation180WageSlaveRebelLocationIndependentAdventures of a Barefoot GeekFree PursuitsThese blogs offer consistently inspiring and helpful information. A lot of the time I don’t read them for instructions but for the inspiration to keep working towards the fantastic goal of being a digital nomad, location independent and living a remarkable life.

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    • Then you must already know all the ways to do everything? Often it’s just how it is written that is boring. I admit that I’m hardly a seasoned writer but I’m working towards it.It’s hard to be different. There are many blogs that are similar to mine and many others similar to yours. I could say I’m pretty bored of blogs with pictures of Asia.I do appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my boring blog post though.

  1. Ross, I liked your post. I have been battling with this problem myself. The feeds just start growing in number and the “unread” figure bugs me.I was this way with email in my inbox. I have always had a 14 message threshold. More than that and I can’t work well knowing they are there. I solved this one by adopting the inbox zero method which I am pretty good with.Much of this (both news feeds and email) is how we perceive it. Different people perceive it differently. I’m not one of those who can live with things poking me saying “read me, read me” 🙂

  2. Thanks John. I feel the same way with my feed reader and inbox. I’ve always used my inbox like a todo list but that’s about the worst way to handle a todo list. Things get lost, forgotten, archived accidentally.It’s tough to balance how much you take in. I love reading everything I can get my hands on but it often becomes overwhelming. If I can’t get to my feeds for a week. I’m stuck with hundreds of unreads. Most of the time the Mark All As Read button is the only way to go.

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