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Boost Your Productivity: Empty Your Feed Reader

Do you really read every single one of your feeds? Do you read every post? Do you even read half?I don’t. I didn’t. I never have.Sometimes I didn’t read any of them. I use Google Reader. Sometimes there would be hundreds of posts waiting to be read and I’d click Mark All As Read.Why?I didn’t have time. I didn’t feel like wading through all the mediocre feeds that I had subscribed too. Not to say that everything I was subscribed to was bad or just decent. Some of it was amazing. But I unsubscribed to all of it.I didn’t keep anything. Didn’t even look at what I was unsubscribing too. Fortunately Google Reader has an Unsubscribe from all button. It makes the task much easier.And I can’t back out. They’re gone.But! There is always a but. I know I will find the good ones again. The best ones I know off the top of my head. I constantly think of their best posts and they have affected my life in a positive way. Those ones are easy to find again.The ones I read for something to do? I won’t find those again because I don’t remember them.This time I won’t be making any folders to hide the huge lists. That little number that says I have 500 posts to read stresses me out. If it doesn’t fit in the one list, something has to go.I’ve compiled a short list of blogs that I will definitely keep reading on a regular basis. The sites I visit randomly through Twitter and Facebook is much larger but these are my favorites.Thrilling HeroicsPluginIDLocation180WageSlaveRebelLocationIndependentAdventures of a Barefoot GeekFree PursuitsThese blogs offer consistently inspiring and helpful information. A lot of the time I don’t read them for instructions but for the inspiration to keep working towards the fantastic goal of being a digital nomad, location independent and living a remarkable life.