3 thoughts on “Foto Friday: The Three Sisters”

  1. Beautiful.Do you know why they’re called the Three Sisters?I ask because the Lions in Vancouver were known as the Two Sisters to the Native Americanshttp://www.robirda.com/legends/twosis.html

    • The name comes from a legend that’s commonly told. Three sisters fell in love with three men from a neighbouring tribe, but marriage was forbidden by tribal law. Battle ensued, and the sisters were turned to stone by an elder to protect them, but he was killed in the fighting and no one else could turn them back. They each have names as well, Meehni (922 m), Wimlah (918 m), and Gunnedoo (906 m). Even more impressive is the Giant Staircase that runs almost straight up the cliff just on the other side of them.

  2. Interesting these mountains are on different sides of the world but both legends involve a chief’s daughters being turned into stone

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