Digital Nomad Blog Carnival #5

Ferris WheelWelcome to the Digital Nomad Blog Carnival numero 5!This is the 5th monthly issue highlighting the best of the digital nomad blogs and their fantastic writing and amazing stories.A special thanks @CodyMckibb at Thrilling Heroics for setting up the first one and making sure this fantastic idea keeps on truckin.And without any more blah blah blah  from me, here are the best of the best from the latest submissions.Thursday Bram presents Go Abroad: It Will Make You More Creative as well as Flying Solo: What If Your Other Half Doesn’t Want To Travel? posted at Working Your Way Around The World.John Bardos presents 8 Reasons Why You Should Work in a Foreign Country | posted at presents Find The Best Web Host For Your Online Business posted at The Digerati Life.Chris Dunphy presents Connected at Burning Man posted at Tales from Technomadia.David Turnbull presents How To Be Effective posted at David Turnbull.Robert Fitzsimmons presents My Date with a Cambodian Girl posted at Henderson presents Nerdy Nomad » My 10 Favourite Cafes in New York with Free Wifi (So Far) posted at Nerdy Nomad.Jeremy Zongker presents The Importance of a Professional Website Design posted at Reliable Writers.That’s it! If you were hoping to submit an article for this month, you just missed it but JetSetCitizen is hosting next months so make sure you get your entry in soon! You can do that on the Blog Carnival submission page.If you are new to this whole Digital Nomad Blog Carnival thing, check out the previous editions:Carnival #4 at Working Your Way Around The WorldCarnival #3 at Voyagner by @DanHaneveerCarnival #2 at Get Paid To Write Online by @SHurleyHallCarnival #1 at Thrilling Heroics by @codymckibb

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  1. Very inspirational post (and particularly for those who are not yet sure to do the big jump and set up their home office!) and great initiatives those “Digital Nomad Blog Carnivals”. Prior to launching my blog I worked as a Senior account executive for a big IT Public Relations agency in Paris and was in a similar situation. My passion with being a mobile worker/digital nomad developed at that time as I became very aware of the cool technologies we had at our reach to work remotely and as I also needed to adapt my working environment and habits to my personal needs (business was in France, family in Austria). The big advantage I had vs any other company, is that my former PR company mainly operates in the IT sector. So my manager in France and HR in the UK knew that this nomad life could be possible if using the right tools (laptop, wifi, VoIP softs, security software, remote access to servers, push mail on mobile device, etc). After a short test period, I then became the first regular mobile worker of my company (25 offices WW, 500 consultants), and regularly testify on my blog on how GREAT this life of being a mobile worker is! And most of all I’m happy to be part of this wonderful “community” 🙂

  2. Thanks for submitting Rob. I really liked your article, especially the part about the duck, err, egg. Make sure you get another one in to the next carnival!

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