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A Change in Direction: Lifestyle Design, Personal Development and Minimalism

Which way to go?For those of you that have been following the blog recently, I’ve been crafting tales from my trip to Australia and New Zealand. Now that I’m home and saving up for the next trip I need something a little different to write about.While I was travelling, blogs about working abroad, planning out your life and becoming the absolute best person you can be held my attention constantly and I benefited from their advice a great deal.To test out these new ideas and techniques, I’m going to start challenges for myself. In doing these I’ll have interesting ideas for the blog as well as learn an incredible amount myself. To start off these grand adventures, I’m launching my first three 30 day challenges this coming turkey Monday(I’m in Canada). Be sure to check in then to see what I’ll be up to for the next 30 days.But wait! There’s more! (I’m not trying to sell you anything just some interesting reading).A few of my favorite blogs that have inspired this change in direction.Leo at Zen Habits has a thing or two to say about minimalism.Dave from LifeExcursion has just recently started The Minimalist Path. Ones lifestyle design, ones minimalism, both fantastic reads.Celeste from The Personal Excellence Blog has a lot to say about living life to the fullest and achieving your potentialCorbett from Free Pursuits, JD from WageSlaveRebel and Cody from Thrilling Heroics all push designing your life to do exactly what you want to do. For them that means leaning heavily towards being Location Independent (another great read by Lea)I know blogs tend to have more of a focus but I had a hell of a time trying to narrow it down to these topics.  I’m sure it will get more focused as I find what I’m most interested in writing but for now anything goes!What do you guys think? Is it possible to write enough to hold up 3 topics like this?