Thoughts on France

I’ve been back from France for a week now. I can’t believe we’ve been home for a week already but it’s been that long.Looking back on our time there it seems so long ago already. As always, I miss the feel of travelling, not working, being in a new place, exploring every nook and cranny … Read more

Vive La France!

Ever since I got home from Australia and New Zealand in 2009, I was itching to travel again. I had only just got a taste of travelling and wanted to experience something farther away from the Canadian culture I see every day.I’ve had my eyes on Thailand and Chile for some time now. It seems … Read more

Turbo New Zealand

So I’m now in New Zealand. The flight from Australia was uneventful and thankfully considerably shorter than the one home is going to be. It almost felt short!I knew New Zealand was going to be wet but didn’t realize it would be absolutely pouring when I got into Auckland. For the couple of days I … Read more