You Won’t Even Have to Move, Ever

Ever wonder about all the things you can do from that chair you’re sitting in right now?Years ago, all that we could do in a chair was eat, sleep and read. You could sometimes talk to people if they were around. Or yourself if you really wanted to. That was about it.Now the power you … Read more

New Years Minimalism Challenge

So it’s not even the middle of January and everyone’s forgotten about their New Years Resolutions? Right?Wrong! I hope you haven’t either!How many of you said you wanted to get rid of things? Pare down? Clean out your closet and your mind? Have you started?Do it! Join Dave from The Minimalist Path and I on … Read more

Most Popular Posts from 2009 on rcThink

Popular Posts 2009 was the first year I really started writing on this blog. I tried last year and got bored. My 4 month trip to Australia and New Zealand really got my excited to write and share my adventures with the rest of the world. Here are my most popular posts from this year!10. … Read more