Google Nest Hub Max Guide

The Nest Hub Max is smart home speaker from Google with a 10″ touch display and Google Assistant built in. It’s the perfect blend of smart home assistant, touch screen controls and solid speakers. Features 10″ touch screen Google Assistant built in 6.5 megapixel camera Stereo speakers with 3″ woofer Ambient EQ light sensor Chalk … Read more

New Direction, New Name: Tech Trails

This site has had many different faces and names. It originally was, a place to learn how to build a website and aggregate all my social feeds. Then it became a travel journal as I made my way around Australia, New Zealand, France and Canada. I thought the old name rcThink was a bit … Read more

Challenge Complete: 2 weeks of blogging every day

…and in last place. by ….Tim I talk about challenges a lot. I do them regularly. I like how they’re short, hard, and full of variety. You can experience something without doing it forever. They’re easy to start because they don’t last that long. My only problem is stacking them on top of one another. … Read more

Novelty Leads to Learning

An interesting article on the Buffer Blog talks about how novelty triggers our brain to do more learning. It makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. When you were wandering around in the jungle or on the sahara you would want to learn as fast as possible when something new came around. This wouldn't really be … Read more

Random March 14, 2014 Edition

So much cool stuff, so little time. These are some things I’ve collected from around the web lately.Work musicIt’s hard to find music to fit your mood. It’s even harder to find music that fits your mood when you are working. Digitally Imported comes close. you write, present, speak or do anything that needs to connect … Read more

I’m sick of smokers

Roaming around in Sydney today I couldn’t help but notice the multitudes of smokers everywhere. There was nowhere I could hide from the digusting smoke flowing from everyones mouths and nostrils. Normally I don’t really care what smokers do to their own bodies. If they want to inhale all that horrible stuff, go for it. … Read more

Blog Problems

Hey everyone!  Hope everyone is having fun working, playing and everything else you are doing.I’ve been running into some issues going to this blog and it coming up with an error. If anyone else runs into this problem can you email me at ross.collicutt[at]gmail[dot]com, facebook me, or leave a comment? I’m not sure what the … Read more

Australia is a big place

Having spent a big chunk of my time driving after Adelaide, I can tell you that Australia is a big place. I knew that buying a car and seeing all the sights on my own meant there would be a fair amount of driving. No one can really tell you what driving in a place … Read more