Challenge Complete: 2 weeks of blogging every day

…and in last place. by ….Tim I talk about challenges a lot. I do them regularly. I like how they’re short, hard, and full of variety. You can experience something without doing it forever. They’re easy to start because they don’t last that long. My only problem is stacking them on top of one another. … Read more

Becoming Aware

Photo by FrankWinkler During meditation, beginners are often taught to be aware of their thoughts. To watch them arise, follow their course, and then fall away again. It’s a very tough practice to get into and that’s one of the reasons meditation is so hard. There shouldn’t be any judgement when you come up with … Read more

Goals that actually work? Base them on action

Photo by tpsdave “To achieve an outcome, you have to take action, and that action should be your goal. You can’t directly choose an outcome, but you can always choose to take action.” ~ Pete Michaud Ask anyone about how to get to success or a successful life and one of the first things they’ll … Read more

Clarifying the problem is 99% of the solution

When I’m writing a new application or program for my website or a project, I spend a lot of time troubleshooting and debugging. For the non-programmers, that means something isn’t working right with your program and you have to dig into the details to see why it’s not working. It’s kind of like something not … Read more