Training Mindset vs the Competing Mindset

Heidi Grant Halvorson talks about the Be Good mentality vs the Get Better Mentality.When you are in the Be Good mentality you have to look better and smarter than others. You are validating and proving your skills.The Get Better mentality is where you are learning and testing and focusing on improvement.Most of us are stuck … Read more

The Do Percentage

What percentage of time do you spend doing and creating vs consuming, thinking and planning?It should be high on the side of doing and creating.Doing and creating: good.Consuming, thinking and planning: not so good.You need both for sure. But we get stuck in Consumption and never get to do.Doing feels good.Doing makes you feel accomplished.Doing … Read more

Just one more…

Just one more blog post….Just one more email…..Just one more book…..Just one more question….Just one more….We don’t need one more anything. What we need is to start.