Goals that actually work? Base them on action

Photo by tpsdave “To achieve an outcome, you have to take action, and that action should be your goal. You can’t directly choose an outcome, but you can always choose to take action.” ~ Pete Michaud Ask anyone about how to get to success or a successful life and one of the first things they’ll … Read more

Training Mindset vs the Competing Mindset

Heidi Grant Halvorson talks about the Be Good mentality vs the Get Better Mentality.When you are in the Be Good mentality you have to look better and smarter than others. You are validating and proving your skills.The Get Better mentality is where you are learning and testing and focusing on improvement.Most of us are stuck … Read more

Why Photography is Not Simple

It’s not. Just not just the point and shoot kind of thing that most people think it is.Take Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO for instance. Three things that most people haven’t even heard of. Yet they’re the basis for the process of getting an amazing photo. One of the reasons most people don’t see them … Read more

Mapping with Drupal Review by Thomas Turnbull and Alan Palazzolo from O’Reilly Media

Thomas Turnbull and Alan Palazzolo have put together a great book on Drupal’s mapping features, appropriately called Mapping with Drupal.I found this book at the perfect time. For my outdoor site, PureOutside, I’ve recently installed Drupal and am building 2 new sections to the site that both include mapping. I knew that Drupal had some … Read more