Questions About “Stuff”

I was thinking about minimalism a lot lately because of people Colin and Everett and how I can apply it to my life. These guys love living with less than 100 things.Although it’s alluring to live a life like that, I’ve said in a previous post that I wouldn’t be able to do that. My … Read more

Why I Can’t be a Minimalist Like Colin

I’ve been reading Colin Wright at Exile Lifestyle and admire what he’s doing. ┬áTravelling around the world is not easy task and yet he’s running a design firm, multiple creative online services and doing it with less than 100 things. He is definitely an inspiration to myself and others wanting to minimize their lifestyle and … Read more

New Years Minimalism Challenge

So it’s not even the middle of January and everyone’s forgotten about their New Years Resolutions? Right?Wrong! I hope you haven’t either!How many of you said you wanted to get rid of things? Pare down? Clean out your closet and your mind? Have you started?Do it! Join Dave from The Minimalist Path and I on … Read more

A Change in Direction: Lifestyle Design, Personal Development and Minimalism

For those of you that have been following the blog recently, I’ve been crafting tales from my trip to Australia and New Zealand. Now that I’m home and saving up for the next trip I need something a little different to write about.While I was travelling, blogs about working abroad, planning out your life and … Read more