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The Big List of Awesome Stuff

Sometimes I get stuck thinking about all the cool things I want to do in the near future. Having big goals is a requirement for doing big things but there’s an important other half to it as well.Congratulating yourself on a job well done after completing a project is a great way to keep motivation up and remind yourself that all your hard work doesn’t just disappear.I’m working on filling up the Past Projects page which is basically my big list of awesome stuff I’ve done over the years. ┬áIt’s nice to put everything together in one list to see that all the time I spend outdoors hasn’t gone to waste, it’s been put to good use on running races, adventure races, hiking and kayaking trips and world travel. I’ve also got the obligatory certifications in there that say I’ve learned something.Do you have a big list of things you’ve done? Is it as big as you want it to be?