New Direction, New Name: Tech Trails

This site has had many different faces and names. It originally was, a place to learn how to build a website and aggregate all my social feeds.

Then it became a travel journal as I made my way around Australia, New Zealand, France and Canada.

I thought the old name rcThink was a bit tired and needed an update. RockThink was the new name, but it didn’t last long. I thought something close to rcThink was needed and the domain name for rockThink was available. It didn’t mean much though and so it didn’t last long.

I run 2 other sites,, my outdoor website with outdoor photography and gear reviews, and, my writing and photography portfolio. Along with writing and the outdoors, I needed a place to store the other half of my life: productivity and technology.

After some reflection, it was time for a new direction.

After some reflection, it was time for a new direction.

There’s not a day that goes by without using some amazing piece of technology to work or play and I want to share how those things work. The first thing I do when looking to buy new technology is look for reviews. They one of the most useful parts of the internet.

Not all technology reviews are good though. Some people make 30 minute videos saying something is ‘good’ but never going into much detail. Some people write thousands of words telling their life story but never digging into the pros and cons of a new camera, laptop or GPS. That’s where Tech Trails will come in.

Tech Trails, this site, going forward will cover my trails and trials through technology and productivity that everyone can use these days. With so many cameras, laptops, GPS, and smart home devices out there, how do you know what to pick? How do you know which one is the best? I’ll dig into that here.

Technology is a double edged sword. With so many options out there now, even if you buy the best options, how do you use it to make your life better? That’s where the productivity comes in. I’ll look at accomplishing big goals, being super productive day to day with tips for health, resting and getting lots done.

I’m looking forward to the new chapter of this site and pushing into something that’s been a huge of part of my life for a long time but has never really had an outlet.

I’m looking forward to you joining me on the journey into new territory of technology reviews and accomplishing big goals (with big pretty pictures).