Welcome!My name is Ross Collicutt and I’m a adventurer and computer programmer from Vancouver Island, BC.When I’m not programming I’m running, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and skiing around Vancouver Island and writing about it on PureOutside.com, The Manual and the Gear Institute.I like taking adventure photos.See all my Past Projects.

Current Projects

Weekly CrossFit at CrossFit Nanaimo – Hour-long CrossFit sessions 2 times a week for a big boost in functional strength and endurance.Nanaimo Yacht Club Sailing Races – Gearing up for the 3 day Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race in 2013 and the VicMaui Yacht Race in 2014.PureOutside Outdoor Guides – Digital product development and writing about human-powered sports for PureOutside.com.MapVI – Laying the foundation for an initiative to map and photograph every hiking trail on Vancouver Island.Guitar – I’m teaching myself to play guitar with the goal of 10 songs in the next 4 months.