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Time for a change

I needed something. I wasn’t sure exactly what. It was time for a change.Welcome to rockThink. I’m sure you’re wondering what the change is from’ll be posting new information over here at rockThink. New information about making a good life, digital nomadism, productivity and more of the really cool ideas I found all over the web.This isn’t just going to be another blog that posts links to everything else online. I’m going to do my best to pull together the best of the best and put my own unique spin on it. I don’t want to just puke out more links to stuff you’ve probably already seen. I want to take a moment to think about it, to take a moment to really dig into some of the best ideas around the web and why they’re important. I want to see how we can take these amazing ideas that make my brain spin they’re so cool and bring them down to a regular person level where you and I can put them into our lives and spin them just how we want to.There will be some writing on nature and outdoor adventure. I spend most of my day wishing I was outside so I’m bound to write about it at some point.There will be some lessons learned from building PureOutside and my day job as a programmer. I spend 3/4 of my day doing one those 2 things. I better have learned a few things.And there will be some writing on random ideas I’ve found on the internet that I thought were really cool. Not really useful but really cool. Often ideas end up being useful at some point. But most of the things I find aren’t terribly useful yet. I will find a use for them eventually. Really!Oh, and there will be some pretty photos to look at as well. Some will be mine, most will be from the wonderful interwebs. Wherever they are from, pretty photos are pretty.Here are a few of my favourite posts from over the years.Move. Play. Go Outside.Why Start?A big pile of bones under Paris6 new habits to help you get those projects done2011: Year of the HustleGlad you could make it and happy reading.