Training Mindset vs the Competing Mindset

Heidi Grant Halvorson talks about the Be Good mentality vs the Get Better Mentality.When you are in the Be Good mentality you have to look better and smarter than others. You are validating and proving your skills.The Get Better mentality is where you are learning and testing and focusing on improvement.Most of us are stuck in the Be Good mentality every day.Working out at Crossfit there is a visible like between these 2 things.When Training you are in the Get Better mindset. You are practicing and experimenting and see what works, how things feel and how far you can go. Your goal is to learn as much as possible.When you are Competing in a timed Workout of the Day or in an actual full-on competition, you are forced to get into the Be Good mindset. Your goal is to look perfect.In daily life the Training or Get Better mindset is going to benefit you in the long run far more than the Competing or Be Good mindset credit

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  1. I’ve been looking into this a bunch lately. Mindset is a huge barrier to most everything we do. That’s a good way to say it (be good vs. get better). I’ve been working with having a more growth-oriented minset vs a fixed mindset, and it’s made a tremendous amount of difference.┬áNot just the things I do and knew I should have been doing before, but also in the levels of stress, tension, and pressure I added to the equation goes away too. With my old mindsets and various limiting beliefs those things go away when I get out of my own way.

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