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Remember Hormesis When Doing Something New

Wikipedia says hormesis is “the term for generally favorable biological responses to low exposures to toxins and other stressors”.2 examples of stressors that we endure regularly in our lives are flu shots and exercise. We get a small dose of something that is actually harmful to us and then we come back stronger. We get get a small dose of the flu and then our immune system ramps up it’s response in preparation of a full on sickness. During exercise our muscles rip and tear. Rest repairs those muscles and brings them up to a state stronger than before.Travel is similar. It can be tough the first few days in a new country but each day it gets easier. We get used to it. Then when we go home, life is a little bit easier.Any time you’re building a strength in one area it’s going to affect all others. The only way to build that strength that is through hormesis. Initially it’s going to be hard. You’re not used to it. Realize that until you’ve done it a few times, it is going to be harder. Train and rest, train and rest. Push to the next level, and the level below will feel easy.In the arena,Ross