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PureOutside Store Coming Soon

This is my first update for the Million Dollar Blog Project. The leader board is up and we’re off to the races. I’m pretty excited about the friendly competition that this project is going to start between all the blogs. I was excited to be on the first page of the leader board early today. Since then I’ve moved down a couple notches as some of the other blogs get more hits each day.In the coming weeks, I’ll be working my tail off to get more content up on the site and driving more visitors to it. The name of the game (well, one of them) of the MDBP (Million Dollar Blog Project) is to increase your traffic. The second goal is to make as much money as possible with it. The Think Traffic Team will be aiming for one million dollars over time with the site they’re setting up for the project (which I’m stoked is about learning quickly). A secondary goal is to get the combined total money made of all the other blogs that have signed up over one million as well. We’re all helping to get to one million as well as fighting for top spot on that leader board!Traffic is going fairly well although it could use a kick in the pants with some good evergreen content. Unfortunately some of my traffic won’t be registering with Clicky because I’ve only got the plugin on the WordPress portion of the site, the blog. The Drupal part with the articles, movies, stores and trails doesn’t have a Clicky module for drupal 7 yet so I’ll be doing without. I’ll just remember that I’m doing better than it looks because of that other section that’s not tracking. The money section of the stats will be dead on thought. Right now it is at a big fat $0!That brings me to the product end of things. I’m working hard in Tyler’s Bootstrappers Guild┬áto get a product ready and out the door. He’s got us working towards making $200 a month within 60 days. Tough, but doable!I’ve been steadily going along this path to creating a product through PureOutside for a while now but really taking my sweet time with it. I had originally planned to have a guide out in the summer but adventures in the nice weather took over. Then I decided I needed a whole new Drupal section to the site to hold these new products and that took a while. Currently Drupal is running on all cylinders for the main section of the site and I’m hard at work currently installing and configuring Ubercart for the store. I was worried I would have to piece together a bunch of different modules to sell subscriptions and digital files on the site but seems Ubercart has it all. I’ll be installing that in the next few days and getting a free sample product up and ready to go.My aim is to have the sample site ready to go by the end of October and a full paid section up by the end of November. I’m really stoked about the idea of the paid content sections or subscription style product because it means I can update it any time I need to. There won’t be any random PDF’s floating around in the wild with old content in them.Getting excited about the release of my first digital product. Here we go!