The Million Dollar Blog Project

Got you with that title didn’t I?I’ll say right off that I have no means of turning this blog into a million dollar blog. It would be nice but I don’t think it’s where I’m headed.What IS happening is that with a whole ton of other great new blogs, I’m participating in the Million Dollar Blog Project. What is that you might ask?The Million Dollar Blog Project is from the team at Think Traffic. They’ve started an ambitious new project to create a new blog from scratch and, over time, make a million dollars with it. What makes it fun is that they’ve created a great system, almost a game actually, that lets you sign up for the project and work along side them. Another goal of the project is to also help people create 1 million dollars worth of blogs around the blogosphere.That’s why I’ve signed up.I’ve been on the brink of putting some products on PureOutside for a while now. I’ve just launched a huge portion to the site to go along with the blog and am building up a store for the products as we speak (not really, I’m actually writing this, but tonight I will be). This will be the catalyst to actually get things moving on the site. I’ve got some competition in the other blogs, I’ve got the team at Think Traffic leading the way. I can’t think of a better time to really get going on it. A big thanks to the the Think Traffic Team for setting this all up. It’s going to be a huge amount of work.One of the requirements of the project is an accountability journal. You’re looking at the start of it. I’ll be using rcThink as my journal as I go and hopefully everyone can learn a bit, or at least watch and wonder. You’ll be able to find future Accountability Journals here.If you want to sign up yourself you can at

4 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Blog Project”

  1. Nice Ross! I signed up for the Think Traffic project as well. Really looking forward to keeping up with like-minded people on the same journey. The PureOutside site is looking awesome!

  2. People keep asking if I’m going to sign up with this. I should check it out in more detail.Glad to see you put LiveFyre on here!

    • @cjstott I think you should! It’s going to be pretty interesting no matter what happens. They’ve changed the topic to be learning things quick and I think that goes along very well with what I’m doing now.I’m pretty stoked on LiveFyre so far. Thanks for the info on it!

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