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Who Tells You What You Can Do?

This #trust30 post is about the long prompt by Matt Cheuvront.Matt dares us to be bold. To get out of the flow of normal society and do something you’ve always dreamed about doing. You have to forget “being realistic” and start to move the other direction. The crazy one, the childish one, the mad one, and embrace the possibility that your crazy dream could come true.Amazingly there is only one thing in the way of your crazy dream coming true.But it’s a big one.It’s you.Think about the incredible things that Richard Branson has accomplished. He’s got a worldwide brand that includes everything from flying, music, print and digital media, communications and even space travel. You don’t accomplish any of that waiting around for your dreams to come true. You stop wasting your time watching TV and start to ship and hustle and do the work.I always thought it would be incredible to run a business doing something cool. I started one last year.I went sailing 2 years ago and thought it would be awesome to learn how and go on my own. I’m starting lessons next week.Since my first ride on a helicopter I said I would learn how to fly one myself. I’ve started a bank account called helicopter and money is automatically transferred into it every month.Once you make the decision to do something, don’t stop there. Take action, do research, save money, talk about it. Do everything you can to achieve that goal. When you want something badly the universe conspires to give it to you. It gets easier and easier. Starting is the hardest part.You know who tells Richard Branson what he can and can’t accomplish?Only Richard himself.What’s next for you? What have you done TODAY to achieve that goal?