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The Wondrous Cheese Slicer

I don’t think I knew how to spell wondrous before I wrote this post. Now I do. And… moving on.There are few things in my day that I use all the time and stuff look at them in wonder.Most of the things I see and use every day get boring pretty fast. They are new for about 4 minutes and then they just fit in with everything else around the house. Yes, they serve a purpose but they certainly don’t ignite the same excitement they once did. My iPhone still does impress me regularly. Things like lamps, knives, pots, books, cameras, and couches, not so much. I’m happy that I have them otherwise I’d be sitting on the floor and trying to cook things in the sink but they’re not that exciting.One thing I do look at every day and smile is the cheese slicer.See, I used to cut my cheese with a regular knife every single time. No matter how many pieces of cheese I cut, they would all be different. Sometimes they would be thick, sometimes they would be thing and sometimes they would be both. One side would be fat, the other fading off to nothing. Depending on the knife I used, some of the pieces fell off nicely, others would stick to the metal and would break into tiny bits with one pull.Then my girlfriend introduced me to the cheese slicer. It was love at first sight. The idea is simple. You slide the slider along the end of the cheese block and a perfect, evenly sized piece of cheese would come curling off. Wow.I sure wasn’t looking for this incredible invention but it found me and every time I use it, I can’t help by smile. Instead of cursing over umpteen more unevenly cut pieces of cheese, I can get on with my day knowing that they will all be perfect.Take a look around and see if there is anything that frustrates you even just a little bit. Can you change it at all and get rid of that frustration? Trust me, every little thing is worth it.