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Is Your Peace of Mind Worth $600?

What do you do when something doesn’t quite do the job any more?That computer isn’t quite fast enough to run those programs. That knife isn’t sharp enough to cut through all those thick pieces of food. That car is starting to cost you more than it’s worth.Upgrade it.My previous computer did the job when I bought it. I kept loading new programs and this and that and before I knew it, it wasn’t very fast any more. Then the hardware started to go. It would run for a while then shut down at random times. At first I thought I could handle the frustration. I was saving up for my trip to Australia and I didn’t want to buy another computer.What I didn’t realize at the time was that every single day I’d be working on the computer and it would shut down or not save something properly. Every day I’d be frustrated with it. It would start to leak into other activities. I didn’t want to do anything on the computer because it might shut down on me. I didn’t want to do some of the things I love doing because my computer didn’t work properly.One day I had had enough. My patience was gone. I was ready to throw the computer out the window. If it didn’t have important files on it, I would have smashed it to pieces right there. Instead, I went and did something that I should have done long before.A shiny new computer replaced the old junker for 600 bucks. Not cheap but not very expensive either.I’d definitely say that the computer I got may or may not have been worth $600. It probably was. What was worth a hell of a lot more than $600 was my peace of mind. The feeling of sitting down to work on the computer and not having to worry about anything shutting down or getting erased is amazing. Now that I look back, I would have gladly paid 3 times what I did so I didn’t have to worry about what I was doing every day.What do you have to deal with every single day that you could upgrade and stop worrying about? What price would you pay not have to deal with something any longer?