I Remember Why I’m Here

The day is almost over.The remnants of a fine dinner of warm quinoa, juicy lamb and bright peppers are gone. The last drops of water from the sink slipping quietly down the drainThe hum of the dishwasher and the soft tick of the clock have replaced the days harsh noise.The fading light evidence of the sun’s continued march.The supple cushion in my chair catching me as I relax, letting the tensions of the day slip away.My fingers find their worn places on their keys.L, K, JF, D, S, ATapTapAnd I remember why I’m here.

2 thoughts on “I Remember Why I’m Here”

    • I totally agree Jonathan. More typing means more creating and I love that part. I do love the research though. In the end though, I think the best part is when all the pieces come together and it’s time to type.

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