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You Won’t Even Have to Move, Ever

Ever wonder about all the things you can do from that chair you’re sitting in right now?Years ago, all that we could do in a chair was eat, sleep and read. You could sometimes talk to people if they were around. Or yourself if you really wanted to. That was about it.Now the power you have from your chair is incredible.Right now, I’m watching a ski film I got online. I didn’t have to go to the store to buy it, or to the rental store to rent it. I just went to my favorite online video site and buy it there. Instantly I have it on my computer and can enjoy it without any getting up. I don’t even have to sit on the couch to watch it on the TV. All of it is possible right from my computer.We used to have to go to the mailbox with a piece of paper and wait weeks for it to go through the system if we wanted to talk to someone around the world. Now there are too many ways to talk to people anywhere. It’s easy to call people but then you have to worry about long distance charges and country codes. Why not just use skype, facebook, email, or the almost countless other services that allow you to communicate with anyone in the world real time.Do you need to go to the grocery store, fill up your cart and pay for your groceries there? Nope. You can just head over to your grocery stores website, click a few items and click deliver. You don’t even have to get out of your chair. (You may need to walk to the door to answer the delivery guy but that’s what rolling office chairs are for aren’t they?)Want to go travelling? Everything you need is online. You can access your frequent flyer miles, your favorite stores to get more miles, all the information you need to decide where you’re going and even the flight agency where you’ll buy your tickets. You can check in online, see where exactly your seat is and change them if they suck.Things are going to get real interesting when houses that are completely connected to your computer become the norm in the market. Need to make sure you closed the garage door, turned off the coffee maker and shut the blinds from half way around the world? Not only is checking the status of those items going to be possible, being able to control them from anywhere on your computer will be as easy as checking your email.Cars are getting more hooked up to the internet as well. New Ford trucks connect up to your computer and allow you to do work on the road. We’re almost at the point where we can just treat our vehicles as another mobile device. We’ll park in the driveway and load up our cars with our favorite music and apps for the next days trip. Need to check where car is? Log in and look at the map.What all of this means is it’s getting easier and easier to do whatever you want without even moving from your chair. Seen that animated movie about the two robots, Wall-E? Humans had advanced their technology far enough, they never had to get up from there hover-chairs, they only interacted with their world with the touch screens hovering in front of them. It never mentioned this but they probably had their minds read so they didn’t even have to moves their mouthes to ask for something.I hope you can see the problem in this not-so-futuristic scenario. Humans were made to move. Having the technology to do everything you need without moving would be incredible but my hope is that it would just be used to free up time and worry and let us to do truly incredible things.Another issue with the scenario is that we are still dealing with a ginormous gap between people that can afford these luxury items and the people that are still living in dirt houses and can barely afford the food and water the need to live.Will you use the power gained by all our incredible technology to get fat and lazy or will you use it for the betterment of society and to advance human civilization as a whole?****Challenge UpdatesYou’ll start to see little challenge updates on the bottom of my posts. They might be tiny but they’ll be there. I’m always working on little challenges, but each month I’ll focus on 1 or 2. I like this method for a couple of reasons. First, if I don’t record things, I’ll be more likely to forget what I had accomplished. I may go straight back into what I was doing before and repeat the steps I had made it though. Second, writing a post each week that includes a little tidbit of info about the challenges forces me to think about the steps I’m taking towards conquering those challenges. Thinking about something often makes it much more likely to come true. Not guaranteed, but much more likely.What I’m wondering though is if you’ve ever done a monthly challenge and how you set it up? Did you make a goal to be completed by the end of the month? Did you just work at it to see how far you get? Did you continue on after the month is up or start a new one? I’d love to hear what went well and what didn’t work. I’ll be trying my own configuration but any input would be much appreciated!