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What Do Entrepreneurs Wear?

I just bought a new pair of jeans. I really liked them because they’re dark, they fit well and they’re not stuffy looking. By stuffy looking I mean up tight, corporate, strict. That got me thinking about why I wanted a pair of jeans instead of some nice dress pants.At first I thought they were more comfortable. But I bought the pairs of dress pants I have because they were comfortable. Yes jeans are comfortable but so are dress pants. So that wasn’t it.Then I thought it was because they were cheaper. Yes good dress pants can run up in the hundreds of dollars(not usually where I shop) but so can jeans. I could have bought any style of pant for the same price as these jeans. So that wasn’t it either.I finally stumbled upon my answer.I dress up a fair amount. For gatherings, parties and work. I like to dress up and look sharp. It gives me an ego boost to be the best dressed in a room. Other people notice. When you are dressed well you stand out. Even so, I still like to wear jeans more than dress pants, especially when I’m working. Why is that?Dress pants remind me of work. But not of good, fun, entertaining, provocative, invigorating work. They remind me of corporate, dry, boring, repetitive, old, stuffy, traditional, slow work full of rules, restrictions, meetings, bureaucracy and gatekeepers. Jeans make me think of original ideas, plans on napkins, working in coffee shops, intense idea sessions and casually taking over the world.What do you wear when you’re scheming your evil master plan?