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The 12 Week Challenge


For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to travel and see the world and learn new languages. But along with most people, I couldn’t get past the “fact” that I had only a small amount of vacation time each year in which I could travel.Enter Location Independence.While not new or original idea, ┬áJonathan and Lea Woodward have done a lot to open up the concept to the public and really push it. Where there was once excuse after excuse about how and why travelling and won’t can’t be done on a long term basis, you can now find article after article on their site and others explaining how it can be done, and how they did it.Need to know how to travel with kids? You can be a Location Independent Parent.Have a trailer and want to drive around while working and making a living? Do it on wheels.Want to jet off to Panama, start a business and start living the lifestyle? Maybe Panama will be your next location.If you want a detailed guide to a particular destination, check out the list of LIP guides.

Am I Location Independent?

Nope. Not yet at least. But I’m working on it. Yes, I know. Excuses and more excuses. Things are going in the direction I’d like them to but certainly not at the pace I would have hoped. Working 40 hours a week at a standard job doesn’t leave much time to put together a business from scratch and get it running. But baby steps are all it takes to get you where you want to go eventually. Every single day, I’m taking steps toward my goal and every day I’m getting that much closer to being able to jet around the world, adventuring to my hearts content.Everyone gets in a rut though. I wouldn’t exactly call what I’m in a rut but it feels like one. Things are getting done, I’m just not moving forward at the pace I’d like to. Sounds like that’s the problem Jonathan is having as well. He’s looking to become a full-time illustrator. So what do any highly motivated professionals do when they want something bad? They issue a challenge.

The Challenge

The 12 Week Challenge has been set up to accelerate the pace of anyone looking to be come location independent. I’m not sure I can become entirely location independent in 12 weeks but I sure as heck would love to try. What are the downsides? More freedom? More money? More experience? Damn those suck. I’m thinking I should do it now.In my mind the only way for motivated people to get even more motivated is to surround yourself with eve more highly motivated people than yourself. To become location independent in 12 weeks is an incredible goal and not one for the faint of heart. But I’m up for the challenge.What’s the worse that can happen? I don’t become location independent? I’m doing that already.