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New Years Minimalism Challenge Week 2

If you’re just joining in, make sure you check out the Minimalism Challenge Intro and Week 1.This weeks pile is another load of clothing. I’ve also added more bonus items to make sure I actually get rid of everything I can. I bet I can do 2 things each day the rest of the challenge. Can anyone else take me up on that challenge?

As you can see I’m trying to get rid of as much clothing as I can. So you know, I’ve been donating the clothing and everything I can to the a thrift store in Nanaimo that supports the local women’s shelter. Nothing is being thrown right into the garbage. If you’re throwing away good things, think about where it’s going and try to get it to someone who can use it. If it is actually garbage, yes, throw it in the garbage.Some of the things I got rid of this week are prime examples of what I’m trying to not get stuck with. I caught the black shirt on Jan 23rd at some concert and even though it was too big for me, I kept it hoping I would get bigger or it would get smaller. Neither happened, and yet it was taking up space in my closet and my life. That is no longer! The concert prize shirt has been donated and I’ll never have to think about it again.Others participating in the challenge are killing it as well. Greg at Live It With Less needs to be careful he doesn’t get rid of his kids!Only 2 more weeks to go and we’ll have made our goal of 30 days straight of getting rid of something! That’s something to be proud of.What did you get rid of this week?