New Years Minimalism Challenge Week 1

It’s been one week today since the New Years Minimalism Challenge started and I’m doing very well. I moved into a townhouse 3 months ago and, coming from a much larger house before, had a ton of stuff that had to be taken care of. Since then I’ve drastically minimized the things I own but there is still too much.My focus for this challenge has been the lingering items that have been hiding in boxes since the move. One of those is clothing. I’ve got way too much. More than my girlfriend in fact. I used to keep things around so that when I destroyed some article of clothing I’d have other things to wear. That was a long time ago and I still keep things around but never destroy anything.Right now I’ve got 2 boxes ready to be donated and here is the first of it.

That’s all for this week. Lots coming for next week. Post links to what you’ve gotten so that everyone can see!
Greg from Live It With Less has posted his first weeks update and Rik has his post up on the Dutch Minimalist .
David Damron from TMP has been going all out with updates. Check out Day 1, Day 2, and Days 3 – 5.
Great to see people joining in!

4 thoughts on “New Years Minimalism Challenge Week 1”

  1. Right on Greg. I’ll be putting my week 2 update up tomorrow.It’s almost easy when you’re in the right mindset to find things that need to go. It’s a tough compromise when you’re living with others through to try and get rid of as much as you can.Good to hear it’s going well!

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