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Creating the Life List

Travelling on my own in Australia and New Zealand gave me a lot of time to think.What did I want to eat the next day? What did I want to do a week from now? What was everything going to be like when I got home? What was I going to do for work? What did I want to do with my life?Wait, back up a step. What was that last one? What did I want to do with my life.It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been doing a lot of reading about people leading unconventional lives, coming up with crazy business ideas and travelling the world but I had never really sat down and actually thought about what I’m doing.It’s all fine and dandy reading about these other people that are gallivanting around the world working with new-age business and partaking in amazing adventures. But I thought it would just stay as that; reading. Now I feel myself being pulled into the world of doing anything I want, anywhere in the world.All these people are living lives I’ve dreamed of living but always thought it would never come true. Everyone has to have dreams right? But they stay dreams.Or so I thought.With everything and anything now open to my excited mind, I immediately hit a  wall. How do I keep track of all this good stuff? Where do I track it all? How do I remember what I’ve done?Enter the Life List.The best thing I’ve seen on the Lifestyle Design blogs in all my perusing has to be the life list. There is no better thing to keep you excited about what you are doing and a way to gauge how well it’s going. My problem is that there might just be a million things that I want to do in the next year, never mind over the course of my life-time so I have a very hard time narrowing it down to a simple, easy to read list.For inspiration I turned to a few of my favorite blogs to see what they’ve put on their lists.Sean at Location180 was the first Life List that I saw and I will never forget how excited I got reading all those things realizing I could do the same.JD at WageSlaveRebel also has an excellent Bucket List on the go as well with the added twist that we are going to do it with him.I just recently found Nate’s To Do List from WhereIsNate. A solid list that I’d love to do myself, I especially liked #22: Take Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing.  That one found it’s way on to my list after good conversation with a Finnish fellow in New Zealand.And without further adue, here is The List.