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My 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

IMG_2327I’ve been reading a lot lately about minimalism and how it can greatly benefit your life and that of those around you.The whole idea is that you live your life with what you need and nothing else. Everything else that you hoard and keep and have to push around all the time is just wasted space, money and time. Basically we waste our lives buying and organizing “stuff”. Yes they might have a use at one time or another but do you really need that amazing doohickey that sits on the shelf most of the time. Or do you really need to spend $200 on that brand new thingamer for your computer?Save up the money that you don’t spend and go travelling or on an adventure or buy something you really use all the time. Use all that time that you get to read, hang out with friends and family, or do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but put off.Dave from The Minimalist Path has just put out a great into eBook, 7 Steps to a Simple Life,  if you are interested in the subject but are unsure of where to start.To kick off my experiment in minimalism, I’m going to give myself a challenge.Every day for 1 month, 30 days, I’m going to take something from my bedroom or computer room( both of which are full of things I don’t need) and get rid of it. Getting rid of it entails selling it, giving it away, recycling it or just plain throwing it in the garbage.I’ve set a few rules for myself to keep things interesting. 4 articles of clothing count as one “thing”. I could spend 2 months getting rid of clothes but abiding by this rule will make sure the most never re-appears back in my closet. Being busy during the day, I’ll allow myself to go out on the weekends to actually get “rid” of these things. 4 Magazines and 2 books also only count as one thing.What do you think about it? Could you do this for a month?