1 Week Into My Minimalism Challenge

1 week into my minimalism challenge and I’m still on track. Sort of.I’ve made a list of things that I will get rid of and what I’ve actually gotten rid of. I’ve gotten rid of a weeks’ worth of stuff. I’m falling behind though.I have to admit it’s hard to stay on track with the things I want to sell. They sit around like I haven’t gotten rid of them. Another issue I’ve run into is actually getting the things out of the house. I’d rather not make a special trip every day to get rid of one bag of things. It just seems like a waste of gas.I began this challenge just as a way to pare down all the “stuff” I’ve accumulated and simplify my life. It’s turned into more of a necessity now that I’m moving to a new place and really don’t want to carry all of it from one place to another. The fact that I’d have to pay for(in time, effort and gas) to move my junk around really puts things in a different light.So here is what I got rid of for my first week.1 bag of clothes.3 bags of booksAn stereo receiver that I was hoping would start magically working again.A printer that I hadn’t used in a year.30 magazines that I had touched in over a year. Who looks at magazines again anyways?A pile of computer parts that were laying around. IDE hard drives definitely aren’t coming back. Recycled!

Recycle It!

I had a hard time convincing myself to make the effort of recycling these things. Wouldn’t it be much easier just to hit a dumpster and toss everything? Yes. But when I thought of all the electronics and computers in landfills these days I couldn’t help but cringe at what we are doing to the environment. Don’t place a heavier burden on the environment but just throwing things out. Sell them. Donate them. Recycle them.Stay tuned for the next installment of my Minimalism Challenge this week.Also Check out #5 33 ways to start your day.

3 thoughts on “1 Week Into My Minimalism Challenge”

  1. That’s awesome, we’ve slowly been purging old stuff at our house too.Instead of having to leave the house to recycle items etc, I find that posting it on Craigslist for free works great. Even on broken electronics, because some people can fix them. Best of all, people will come to your house to get the stuff!Also BC has a great recycling website that will show you the closest location to your house to recycle certain materialshttp://www.rcbc.bc.ca/And of course, donating what can be re-used is even betterGood luck!

  2. Thanks for the comment Karl!I checked out that website. It’s awesome. Definitely required for anyone cleaning and getting rid of things. Craigslist will definitely be my new best friend in the coming weeks to get rid of things. Definitely have more than I want to move around!

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