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Queenstown: Adrenaline Capital of New Zealand


After the scenery of Franz Josef I was really excited to get to Queenstown. It was probably the most talked about of all the places in New Zealand and I was anxious to see what it was like.I was quite surprised with how small it was. I was expecting a much larger full size town but when we rolled into the city limits all that was there were a few suburbs and a little ski town. I have to say though, I was quite impressed by the time I left with how much this little ski town has to offer.Coming in to town we passed the bridge that bungy started on. The Kawarau Bridge was the site of the original bungy and it’s still operating today. Jumpers only fall 43 meters before hitting the water but only some of them do the water jump.After jumping a little boat unhooks the jumpers from the bungy and are taken back to the shore. We watched a few from the viewing platform and all I can say is don’t jump with your feet first.The rest of the day was pretty relaxed wandering around in town looking for a mexican restaurant. We had been talking about burritos and margaritas that day and had the crave on. After finding the ridiculously expensive mexican place we opted to head down the street to Fergburger instead.The next few posts will be about my activities in Queenstown so stay tuned![gmap]