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The Blog is Back

After some brief down time yesterday and today, the blog is back. I’m not sure exactly what happened but after trying autoupdate the files the whole thing went kablooey.

I thought there might be an easy fix so I hopped into the code to see what was going on. Everything looked A ok. I deleted everything and uploaded all the files again. Another problem. A different problem. Making progress.

I was uploading the files with Filezilla and every few files an error message would pop up, it would disconnect, reconnect and then begin to transfer again. I’m not sure what was causing the issue but it chopped up all my files pretty good.

I had to download Aptana to edit some of the php files so I used that to upload the rest of the wordpress files again. We are, I think, almost ready to go again.

Aside from the missing graphic at the top. We’re up and running again. I apologize to those who were trying to read the posts while it was down! That’ll teach me to try an autoupdate while out of the country!