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Port Macquarie

I wasn’t in Port Macquarie for long but I had a good time there, mainly because of the run I did soon after I rolled in. I always like to see what’s around the corner on a run, walk or hike and being in a brand new city makes it even more interesting. I headed down to the beach aiming to do an 8 or 10k run but there were just so many interesting corners and little paths to take. I landed back at the hostel after pounding the pavement for 16 kilometers and spent the rest of the evening reading and recovering. Although interrupted by the odd strange comment from an annoying Aussie fellow, the night was relaxing and uneventful.The morning I left I overheard the Aussie guy commenting on how loud one of the girls snored. I couldn’t believe he said that straight to her face and expected some sort of decent conversation to follow. She just gave him a withering glare and left the room. The owner of the hostel explained to me afterwards that there had been trouble with the guy at another hostel and she put me into his room to make sure nothing went wrong. Thanks for letting me know.