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I’m sick of smokers

Roaming around in Sydney today I couldn’t help but notice the multitudes of smokers everywhere. There was nowhere I could hide from the digusting smoke flowing from everyones mouths and nostrils. Normally I don’t really care what smokers do to their own bodies. If they want to inhale all that horrible stuff, go for it. Unfortunately being in the city everything is close quarters and there’s really no where to go when someone lights up in front of you.Other human addictions don’t usually affect a great number of peole. Yes, every kind of addiction affects someone you know but smoking seems to affect so many more people. How many people breathe in the smoke someones exhaled on a busy street? A lot. They may not get much but it’s certainly not clean air. Combined with the exhaust that fills the air in most cities, it’s a disgusting mixture.Aside from gum, I think I see more cigarette butts lining city street than anything else.  Doesn’t anyone think to use a garbage can? I’m sure some of them do but there are still a significant portion of the smoking population that think it is ok to through their butts on the ground, out the window or into the ditch. I see it the same as throwing a drink can on the ground. It’s still littering!!