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Running in Hervey Bay


Hervey Bay is a cute little town near the water, south of the Town of 1770 and Bundaberg. ┬áThe main town is a long strip and the houses continue down to the water from there. The hostel I stayed at was about 10 minutes away from all the shops, only a couple blocks away from the water.Most backpackers on come here to go to Fraser Island before continuing on up or down the coast. Aside from the shops I couldn’t find too much else to do or see. Down by the water though, there is a 14km path that runs parallel to it and is very pretty.You can take the path which has little viewpoints over the beach and entrances to a few piers, the Urangan Pier being the biggest at almost 1km long. Or you can cruise along the beach the entire way and take in the sounds and smells of the ocean. The sun was setting as I was returning from one of the runs so I snapped a few shots.IMG_2080