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Lennox Head


Lennox head is a little surf town 10 meters away from the water 20 minutes south of Byron Bay. I stayed at a friends here, which is the only reason I had heard of the place. It’s known for little else than the good surf and another place to stay that’s close to Byron.It sits right on 7 mile beach which is a gorgeous pile of sand.¬†At the south end is a headland which frequently launches hang-gliders over the water, floating around for 25 minutes or more in the warm air. Gromfest was on while I was there so we watched a bit of the surfing. Groms or Grommets are little surfers so the competition was all kids under 18.I had the pleasure of running a few kilometers across the wet sand while the sun was going down and there is no better place to relax and catch your breath.[gmap]