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Initially I went past Brisbane and Surfers to get down to Lennox Head for a friends birthday but I made it back up to spend a couple days there and wander around. I had been told that it’s the least interesting of the big cities in Australia sorely lacking in things to do and see. I didn’t see much while I was there but there was certainly enough to fill a few days of sightseeing and running around.I have a fascination for cities that are on rivers. The paths and tracks along the rivers are beautiful places to run and walk and also give a good reference point to find your way around. The lights of the city reflecting off the water at night makes for nice photos as well. Brisbane is no exception. Running along the paths and bridges that criss cross the river, I got to take in some good sights and get a solid run in as well. I’ve been doing more running lately and I’ve been having a great time cruising down the streets and paths, gps in one hand and camera in the other. I do get some odd looks but I must say I’ve never seen anyone running around the outdoor malls whilst taking pictures. Sometimes I feel like the group from the movie Yes Man.I have to admit I was more interested in the hostel in Brisbane than any of the sights in particular. Reading about the Brisbane City YHA and all it’s new hightech features got me excited to go there. After staying a few days I’d have to say it’s just a new hostel. It doesn’t different too much from all the other decent hostels out there. I did get free parking because the gate was broken!IMG_2368During my run I crossed underneath the story bridge which is apparently Brisbane’s reply to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I have yet to spend much time in Sydney but I’d have to say the Story Bridge wasn’t that impressive. Perhaps it’s much more interesting when you’re standing on top of one of the towers.Most river paths I’ve been on are beside the river and have some sort of grassy bank that separates the path from the river. Brisbane seems to pack everything in a little tighter and some of the pathways were actually over the river. Some of the roadways were propped up over the river as well.[gmap]