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Becoming Location Independent

Reading so much about travelling lately and actually doing it has me thinking a lot about how to continue the lifestyle. Most people end up either travelling or working. They work really hard, travel for a bit, then come home and work towards the next trip.Those that are able to work while they travel tend to sacrifice any past experience they’ve got in order to get a job in another country. Here in Australia, fruitpicking, serving and bartending are popular jobs for the travellers as they’re easy to obtain, the money is pretty good and there really is no experience necessary.While these jobs can be a lot of fun they aren’t exactly a career and wage doesn’t change much. Skills from school or past experience go unused as moving to a new country or city require a new job, a new set of people, a different set of skills.Staying in one place and working for the same employer allows you to gain experience, get to know the people you work with/for and increase your wage. How come you can’t work for the same place and get all the benefits that go along with it and travel at the same time?You can! Have you got a job that uses a computer, the internet, email, social networking? You might already be ready to go travel and work at the same time. Can you work at home with little interruption to how you function or difference in the amount of work you get done? What if you did that work from the next province, state or country? is a constant stream of ideas, tips and links dedicated to helping people cut the chains, escape the cubicle and become an LIP, or Location Independent Proffessional. Lea and Jonathon Woodward run the site and are living the location independent lifestyle themselves. Having lived in places like Thailand, South Africa and the Caribbean whilst blogging and running Kinetiva, their online business, they’ve proved the theory works, you can travel and run a business at the same time.Where are you travelling and working next?