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The Apostles

The 12 Apostles are one of Australia’s iconic symbols and it was amazing to finally get to see them. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Great Ocean Road and more or less went and drove it because it was one of the major tourist attractions that everyone does. The 12 Apostles are one of the best parts of the Road and there is a nice information center set up at the locationIt would have been  nice to see the Apostles on a gorgeous sunny day but it was not to be. For the Apostles my luck held and the sun was out for a bit but it slowly deteriorated to sporadic rain later in the day.There aren’t actually 12 Apostles left any more but it’s still an impressive site. The action of the waves carves away at the the cliffs constantly creating new headlands and sometimes there is only a tower of harder rock left. The shoreline in the area is constantly changing and in 50 years there will be a completely different scene there.  There may be more Apostles by then!IMG_0860Along the coast near the 12 Apostles there are a few other attractions that are quite beautiful. Built by the same processe as the Apostles, Razorback is quite a bit longer than any of them.IMG_0869Lock Ard Gorge was another beautiful attraction  just up the path from Razorback. The stairs down into it were a bit small but easy enough to traverse. The views from within the Gorge were definitely a change in perspective from how you see all the other places along the cliff-ridden coast.IMG_0886The Blowhole was near Lock Ard Gorge as well and was neat to see. The waves have made a tunnel all the way through the rock and then collapsed in from the cliffs to create a hole in the ground that is filled with water and waves.IMG_0922Near the end of the path around the area, Sherbrooke Beach went right down to the water and you could walk on the sand and watch the waves. The photo below was taken from Broken Head but afterwards I ventured down to the beach and took some photos only a little ways back from where the waves explode up the rock.IMG_0934London Bridge was a short drive up the road from the rest of the attractions. It wasn’t terribly exciting to see. There did used to be a bridge across to the tower from the mainland but it collapsed. No one was injured when it fell but 2 people were stuck out on the tower with no way back to the mainland!IMG_0949